The Resources Of A Large Firm

With The Personal Attention Of A Small Practice

IA Network was founded with the goal of partnering with like-minded advisors. We partner with advisors who share our core values and visions and are seeking a relationship with a firm that can help them achieve their goals. At the heart of this is advisor independence.

Independence can take various forms with numerous paths. Advisors can choose from traditional wire houses, independent B/Ds, hybrids, aggregators, corporate RIAs, etc.

At one end of the spectrum, many large institutions offer independent platforms, allowing greater flexibility. While these platforms may be right for some, there are still restrictions and obstacles inherit to larger firms.​

At the other end of the spectrum, advisors may choose to completely break-away and experience true independence. This independence allows advisors to manage and operate their own business; design the firm, brand, and marketing; and better serve their clients with far fewer restrictions.

IA Network partners with advisors who wish to experience true independence. We provide the basic necessary infrastructure while allowing advisors to focus on their firm and, more importantly, their clients.


IA Network provides the primary infrastructure needed to run a successful practice. We are partnered with the industry’s foremost vendors to provide advisors and their clients with a leading-edge platform, while managing their administrative, billing, and additional back-office needs.


One of the biggest unknowns for advisors is compliance and the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Our CCO and compliance team have years of industry experience, with a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and its requirements.


Our goal is to make transitions as simple as possible throughout the entire experience. Whether simple guidance or hands-on assistance is required, we are here every step of the way. We will outline a transition timeline plan to help ensure the conversion is successful.


Success comes with lots of questions with many decisions to be made. Such is the case when an advisor makes the decision to transition his business, it is imperative to have knowledgeable and experienced partners who can help you work through these questions. IA Network and its partners are here to help you succeed.


Advisors spend their whole careers helping clients plan for their future. However, when it comes to planning their own, important thoughts and considerations are often overlooked. IA Network can support advisors as they begin to plan their own future.

Marketing Support

Developing a robust and strategic marketing plan is essential to a firm’s growth and survival. Such a plan can be overwhelming to create, and even more so, to execute. IA Network and our partners share ideas and best practices for creating successful marketing campaigns.